Broomball Videos

This website records the webcams at Michigan Tech during IRHC broomball games and events. To find recordings for a particular team, go to the teams page on the IRHC broomball website, click on the team name, and then click the "[View]" link next to the game you wish to watch.

This site is not affiliated with Michigan Technological University or IRHC Broomball. You can contact the operator of the recording software and this site at


When do recordings become available online?
Generally 15 - 30 minutes after the scheduled end time of the game.

Which games are recorded?
Barring technical issues, all normal season and playoff games listed on the official game schedule are recorded. Games and events not listed on the official schedule are not recorded.

How long will recordings be available online?
Not forever, but at least until the next season.

I can't find the recording of a specific game or event, do you have it?
Probably not, but you can email moc.liamg@llabmoorbutm to confirm. Specify the date, time and rink in your email.

Who should I contact about a problem with the cameras or recordings?
If the problem is present in the live stream, such as the camera being covered in snow, please contact MTU IT for assistance. If the problem is with the video recording or playback of the video recording, such as the game not being recorded or the recording not playing back, please contact

What happens if the game starts early or ends late?
The beginning or end of the game may not be recorded. You can try checking the beginning or end of the recording from the previous or next game on the rink.